Sunday, April 09, 2006

What Java Needs

I have been listening to some old Java Posse Podcasts and have been thinking about what i would like to see in the future of Java. I also was looking over what i would like to see in future releases of NetBeans. In the next release of Java i would like to see support for many scripting languages (JavaScript, Ruby, Python, ect..). This would be really usefull because it would create the possablity to use Scripting languages with Java API's. I would also like to see better support for scripting languages in NetBeans (Debugging and Profiling, along with good refactoringas and editor support). In Mustang it is possable to use JavaScript (using project Rhino). This is very cool and should also be done with more dynamic languages. BTW, there is now C++, C support in NetBeans!! It is suppose to be in NetBeans 6.0. Also there is the Enterprise pack which includes support for UML.