Friday, December 08, 2006

Possably Switching Blog

I have received a comment suggesting that i change my blog because of problems i have been running into like spam and the many bugs in blogger beta. I have not decided yet if i should do this but i am still thinking the idea over. If i decide to change my blog i will buy a domain, web space and use either wordpress or Roller. I really like the idea of having my own domain webspace because i then get more freedom to post files and like i have said i would like to start a podcast sometime soon. If anybody has any opinions of wordpress and/or Roller comment and let me know what you think. Also if you know of anywhere i can get good, affordable, reliable web hosting with a high bandwidth let me know; i also need to find a place to register a domain. Thanks.

Edit: I would like to use opensource software and have found druple. It looks very powerful, reliable and worthy to do the job. If you have any experiance with it let me know what you think. I still have to find hosting.

Note: I have not made my decision yet but i am looking into the cost and how it will be better then what i currently have

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