Tuesday, February 21, 2006

NetBeans 5.5 Preview Available

Today NetBeans 5.5 Preview became available. As I do with all new NetBeans things I downloaded it and gave it a try...I have been waiting for quite a while for UML support built into NetBeans. It seamed to be pretty stable already which is cool. One thing I noticed was that Java Studio Creator functionality was not yet implemented. This is not much of a problem because I do not do much with j2EE (although I am very interested in learning new things). I included a screen shot of the UML support in NetBeans 5.5 Preview (a boring Windows XP shot) showing a little demo UML diagram (Note: don't comment on the actual diagram; it is just to show something in the image). It is definitely going to be nice to have the great features of Java Studio Creator and Java Studio Enterprise in NetBeans. Now all that will be needed is big fixes (especially in the UML support from JSE) a few more features and enhancements and finnaly the biggy...support for more languages. What an exciting time for NetBeans!!

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