Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Time Management Module (ITM)

Sorry I have a blog for a long time,I had really been slowed down by my broken arm. I would like to give a update on my time management module. First off it looks like i will not be the only person involved in this project; which is good because two brains are better than one. We're still in process of design and coming up with an appropriate feature set. So if you are looking for Time Management module in NetBeans now is a time to submit features you'd be interested in.I'm still working on getting webspace and hopefully I find something meet my needs. In approximately a month ITM (integrated Time manager [Time Management module for NetBeans]) will have early releases out. So give some input on features that you would like to see included and we'll see what we can do.


Lukas said...

I like almost all features that this app provides - http://rachota.sourceforge.net/

You can take the best from it ;)

Collin said...

Yes, i am going to be working with Jiri (the creator of Rachota) on the ITM module.
Note: This is as of today (he has agreed and we have started planning and designing.

Anonymous said...

Just FYI - you're aware of the "usertasks" module for NetBeans which has some primitive time recording stuff in it, right? tasklist.netbeans.org

Collin said...

Yes i do know about the user tasks module and am going to posibly build on top of it. (We are still planning).

kerry said...

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