Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Eclipse (The Super Power in the IDE War) is Having Trouble Keeping up with the Fast Pace of NetBeans

Ian Skerrett has shared false information regarding Eclipse and NetBeans. Eclipse said that NetBeans use went down 0.2% and that they are still at the top of the on going IDE war. The results where based on a online survey of 621 developers. Below is a graph of the amount of unique accesses to the NetBeans update center. (note: each NetBeans IDE has it's own unique ID and is not effected by DHCP). The hits to the NetBeans update center does not include people who are behind firewalls or people who disable their update functionality in NetBeans or people not connected to the internet.

Anyway I don't want to pick on eclipse...They do have a great product with some (very few) features that beat NetBeans. One thing where NetBeans is far ahead is in it's GUI builder Matisee. Btw a new plugin is coming out for eclipse that integrate the amazing NetBeans Matisse GUI builder. You can check this out here. This brings up the topic of how Elcipse can't even think up there own idea's they have to steal the code from NetBeans. Any way there are quite a few other reasons NetBeans is better that Elcipse (Swing vs. SWT, Mobility Pack, the new enterprise pack, Ant build system, ect...). At the end of the day it is good that eclipse is around because it let's developers choose what tool they would like to use. Competition is a good thing because it make tools better. Don't expect the IDE war to end anytime soon!!

NetBeans has a lot of momentum and has came leaps and bounds from 3.x and even 4.1. Don't expect NetBeans to slow down!!

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