Saturday, August 12, 2006

Endless Information

I am setting some goals for myself for this year and in the future...Here is a list of all the things i would like to acomplish this school year (September to June).
1. Work hard at school and stay on the honor role all year
2. Do the best i can do (give a full effort)

Programming objectives (over the next couple of years)
1. Make sure i know all of J2SE like the back of my hand and make sure i know all the new Mustang API's
2. Learn J2ME and all of its API's
3. Learn J2EE and all the fun stuff that comes along with it.
4. Learn C
5. Learn C++
6. Learn the linux C API's (gtk)
7. Learn the linux C++ API's (gtkmm)
8. Learn C# and Mono
9. Learn some scripting languages like js, perl, groovy, beanshell, etc...
10. Learn Python
11. Keep up to date on all of the langauges and thier API's

It is quite the list but i think it is possable to is a lot of learning but it will be fun :)

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Lijin said...

Collins, can we start a friendship?