Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Feisty Fawn Spec and What is to Come 2006

I have been looking over the Feisty Fawn Spec (the next version of ubuntu due 04/2007). There are some pretty impressive goals which i can't wait to see implemented. Because i have a ATI video card i am especially interested in the ATI driver fglrx development and it possibly being open sourced along with the hope of it supporting texture-from-pixmap and the composite extension. The open source driver supports AIGLX but it really slow and only gives 3D acceleration for some cards. Check out the Accelerated X spec and the Binary Driver Education Spec. I some what disagree with having binary drivers from ATI and nvidia enabled by default but the choice is given...i would really like to see the ATI driver open sourced so development will be quicker and updates on time along with support for AIGLX. I also like what i see in the Bullet Proof X Spec. It looks like a lot of work is going to be done with the UI of Ubuntu. Check out the Composite By Default Spec, and the specs i mentioned above having to do with Accelerated X Spec and Binary Driver Education Spec. As for the Composite by Default spec i hope Beryl is chosen over compiz because i prefer it...although both are good. So for your reading pleasure, i picked out my favorite specs:
USplash Fsck Progress
Easy Codec Installation
Binary Driver Education
Composite by Default
Bullet Proof X
Accelerated X

Also if anybody didn't notice Java was open sourced under the GPL v.2 :) Specifically the JDK including J2ME (CLDC, CDC) and J2EE.

Anyways it is getting late and i have to go to bed...keeping busy with school.


Anonymous said...

Hey Collin,

Still plugging away, eh!!!

Good to run into you on-line!!!


Collin said...

Thanks Andrew:)We need to get together for dinner some time.