Sunday, November 05, 2006

Netbeans and C/C++

I have been learning about C/C++ and (of course) downloaded NetBeans 5.5 and all of its packs the day they were of the first things i looked at was the C/C++ support...i absolutely love use NetBeans as an IDE because of its amazing functionality and other features i have mentioned before; but most of the feature i talked about were java specific. Now that i am learning and needing C/C++ i went looking for a C/C++ IDE. I tried a couple linux specific ones but at the release of NetBeans 5.5 C/C++ pack i came back and gave it a try...i loved it!! Although there are some things i would like to see added like support for:
autoconf and automake
linux project support (templates for gnome, KDE, and other)
gtk+ and gtkmm project support
two way UML modelling

Sure there are things that NetBeans 5.5 C/C++ pack needs but it is well on its way to becoming the best C/C++ IDE. Where will NetBeans Stop?


Anonymous said...

I have looked around the Netbeans site, and I couldn't see any way of setting up the C++ plugin to compile and run (as I am also new to C++)... perhaps you could do a quick tutorial?

Collin said...

well i use linux, do you use windows? if so i can point you to a tutorial.

Yuvi said...

Hi dude! Tried netbeans and java after your advice, but I'm sorry to say that my experience with Visual Studio is just vastly better...

But maybe, it has to do with the fact that you're 16 and I'm just 15... But you're certainly a lot more geekier than me: I run linux only in Virtual Machines, and that too just to test Mono...