Thursday, July 20, 2006

The spirit of open source and community

Humanity to others. I am what i am because of what we are. These two statements are on the ubuntu homepage and they really got me thinking. Community is one of the best things about opensource...sure the source is available (which is handy), the product is free (which is nice), there are quick updates and bug fixes, and the consumer recieves a very inovative product but whould all these things happen without a community? The source will always be available (or ir wouldn't be opensource) but without a community to download and test/look over what would be the point? Having the source open to the community speeds up the production time of the product and makes the product more invative because users can find errors in the product and notify the developers. One of the best things about community is that there are very helpful mailing lists and forums. For example the ubuntu forums and the netbeans mailing lists. You can get endless information from these sources; not to mention when a new thread is posted it is usually resonded to in minuites :)
REMEBER: community drives much of opensource and enhances get involved!!

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