Tuesday, July 18, 2006

My Misfourtune

Sorry i have not posted in a while....on Thursday July 13 at aproximately 10:25AM i was playing soccer with some friends in a courtyard surrounded by a foot and a half concrete wall that enclosed a garden. A wooden bench was attached to the wall all the way around. The soccer ball got kicked up onto the garden and i went up to retrive it...i got the ball off the flower bed and kicked the ball off the bench which was wet because it rained the day before...I slipped and because i was moving fast went quite a distance and hit the ground at aproximately a 30 degree angle and twisted my right leg. Thirty minutes later the ambulance arived and and put me on a streacher and brought me to the hostpital where i was told i have a broken leg. That night i went into surgery. I am now back at home although i am in quite a bit of pain [not to mention i can't work anymore so i can't make any money :'( ] Anyway...i will be able to post a lot more because i am home for the rest of the summer.


Juan Pablo Chaclan said...

I hope you get well soon. You're a very intelligent guy. The netBeans Community needs you back.

Lukas said...

what a pity. It's bad to stay at home when there is summer outside and you have vacation. Take it from the possitive side - it's more time for home activities and programming ;)

Seapegasus said...

I agree with Lukas -- rest, stay in bed and code, have your family bring you meals... And they can't even reproach you! ;-) Allright, not earning any money or going out over the summer is a bummer. But at least you have all the time in the world to go through all those Java and Linux books... You'll be way ahead in experience. :-D I still hope you get well soon, cheers,

Collin said...

Thanks for the comments :) I guess there is a lot of possative things that go along with the broken leg...I have read 400 pages out of my new books and get to code and learn all day :)

Laurent said...

Hello Collin
Sorry to hear your misfortune :( Well like others I'll say take it cool and recover fully :)

For your money problem... do not wory yiu'll make plenty of grant soon enought

Tawke care :)

Collin said...

Thanks laurent :)

Manoj Mathew said...

hi dude,

Hope you are recovering there. When you get you own car and license then drive extremely carefully on 'wet' roads; avoid future mistakes from current ones ;)
btw If you havent yet gone through Design Patterns then I suggest to use this time for that. You could use wikipedia as well as
this one

wish you a fast recovery!

Collin said...

Thanks for the comment Manoj...thanks for the driving tips...i will keep them in mind ;). I have been reading about many thing lately and design patterns would be something that would be agood use of time because i do not know many design patterns...i saw a book called "Head first design patterns" that looked good...the code examples are done in java...the book was recently reviewed on "the java posse" and they liked the book...Anyway thanks for the links and i will be sure to read up on it :)