Thursday, June 29, 2006

Edgy Eft, hope and linux...and of couse NetBeans

At the moment i am very, very excited for the release of ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft), Java 6 (Mustang), NetBeans 5.5 and NetBeans 6.0. Ubuntu 6.10 is going to be awesome because it will probably have xgl and compiz working out of the box (hopefully) and now that 8.26.18 ati propriatary fglrx beta driver is out and supports my card (the Radeon 200M) i will have 3D support :). Hopefully the new ati driver will be done for the new release of ubuntu. One thing ATI needs to do is to either open source their propriatary driver (which i know they will not do because it will give away too much about their cards) or put a distributor licence on it so it can be distributed freely by open source vendors like ubuntu and other linux distros. I am excited for java 6 (Mustang) because it is much faster and looks better on linux. I am also very excited for NetBeans 5.5 and am very much antisipating NetBeans 6.0. Before i start school again in the fall i am going to make a clean install of Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) with NetBeans 5.5 (Enterprise pack, C/C++ pack, Mobility pack and profiler) running on Java 6 Mustang. It will be awesome..anyway..i have to read up on driving in Canada (I have to write my drivers test).

To all i wish the best...thanks for reading.


Claudiu said...

Hi, Collin

Check these out:


Collin said...

Thanks for the links claudiu :)

Anonymous said...

hey i had trouble too installing the ati drivers for suse 10.1. here's a link to a good tutorial. make sure that you have the libexpat (or something like that) package installed for it to work

hope these help...they worked for me with the same graphics card as you in my hp pavilion laptop...i cant seem to get the wlan card working yet though with ndiswrapper


Collin said...

Getting i have tried everything to get the ATI drivers working. The Brodcom 4318 i got working without a hitch after a while...i used the ubuntu forums to figure out how...if you use ubuntu it is easier because you can blacklist the fwcutter driver (it is broken for the broadcom 4318) by editing /etc/blacklist.d/blacklist. On other systems that do not support that feature you have to remove the fwcutter driver and recompile your kernel (i believe).

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Collin said...

Thanks for the comment...i checked your site and it looks pretty interesting...Do you sell tech stuff on there?