Friday, June 09, 2006

Bye Bye Windows :)

I have not posted for while a while beacuase i have been crazy busy getting rady for exams and finishing summatives (exam week/s starts next Thursday). Anyway yesterday i was resizing my ntfs partition because i wanted to make a clean install of ubuntu 6.06 dapper LTS (32 bit). I was using GParted on the ubuntu live install CD and it failed and screwed up my ntfs partion. I had all my school work, music and apps on it!! So i got myself a Windows XP cd and booted to the recovery console. Then i repared my mbs using the command 'fixboot' an then re-wrote the mbr by using the command 'fixboot'. Then i proceeded to reboot. Windows gave me a blue screen so i rebooted again and poped in the ubuntu live install CD. Once the live installer CD booted i edited /etc/fstab so i could mount my ntfs partition. (Note: before i 'fixboot' and 'fixmbr' nothing could read the filesystem of my damaged ntfs partion). Then I got my dad's portable harddrive and copyed my data from that. Resault: I have saved all my data and live without windows :) I still have not yet got my ATI propriatary drivers working (there is some issues with the driver for the Radeon 200M)...if anyone knows how to get them working it would be really nice if they could show me how because i am becoming very frustrated with it. Or if someone knows of any third party driver (that supports 3d acceleration) give me a shoot. Anyway...i have to get back to homework.

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