Thursday, June 01, 2006

Damb ATI!!

Yesterday me and a friend spent the entire day trying to get the ATI drivers working on SuSE 10.1. We got it working on his computer in a couple of minuits but when we got to my laptop we just could not get it to work. We followed a coupe of wiki's including the official guide. We tried both 64 and 32 bit drivers and the week before i worked on getting it working on ubuntu 6.06 dapper RC. I was very angry because i wanted to get XGL working...we got it working on my buddies computer but when it came to mine we had no luck. I am just about to shoot ATI because they just can't get it right!!! I am using a Radeon XPress 200M...i am thinking it is a problem with the actual series of cards (the card works fine in windows). Anyway i spent the entire day in command line shich was interesting but after 6 hours of hacking away and troubleshooting i almost died. I can't leave windows XP until i get linux worki9ng well. Anyway that is my rave for a little while...I am swamped with work from school.


laurent said...

Keep up trying man :)
And do'nt forget.. ATI is in place to make money ( so they're associted with micro$oft) so do not expect much from them if you,re open-souce minded like we're :)

holly shit! it's almost 3 pm and i've got to make powerpoint slideshow for my diploma presentation.. got to hurry my ass up :P

Collin said...

O btw AMD bought ATI (over a three year plan) :) so soon ATI will be linux friendly :)

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