Monday, June 12, 2006

Vista Beta 2 released to the public

As you have probably noticed i am not a bug fan of Windows. Windows has recently released Vista Beta 2 for the publc to try and i have heard good and bad about it. It is suposably much faster but is made for the computer iliterate (it is a pain having a menu oriented system). It does look very pretty tho... I will maybe give it a a try but will definitly not abondon my ubuntu :) If anyone has tried Vista Beta 2 tell me what you think.


Anonymous said...

Hi, this is the owner of the screenshot you used. You now owe $100 to Microsoft.

Collin said...

What??? I got the screen shot off of an anonymous friend. I believe i violated no copywrites. Please inform me of what copywrite i broke and i will be happy to take it off my sucks anyway ;)