Friday, May 05, 2006

Friday Fun

Today i came across some very funny advertisments for Firfox. My favourite is this one. Anyway it is very late in Canada so i am going to call it a night.


Rory said...


well found

Collin said...

Thanks...i thaught it was pretty funny :)

Chiapaneko said...

Hello :)

Congratulations, i saw you in NetBeans' homepage i think you are a really good programmer.

I'm 18 and now i'm learning Java, i'm trying to learn OOP. I'm from Mexico and i'd like to meet you :), if you want, you can visit my weblog at .

Nice blog by the way :).

Have a nice day man ;)

Collin said...

Thanks Chiapaneko, OOP i'm assuming means object oreinted programming. This is one of my favourite topics. It would be cool to meet you too...i can not get out to java one but hope to get there next year. I checked out your blog and is is very nice...the only problem is that i do not know spanish.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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