Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I am on!!

Check 's homepage. I was interviewed by Roumen Strobl a little while ago and it is live!! Anyway you can comment on the interview here.


Anonymous said...

Nice interview. You seem like a good egg. Very nice to meet you and good luck in your future!

Tori said...

I'm very impressed!
Please download the NB 5.5 beta
in a couple weeks and give us feedback.
Managing Editor,

Alexis MP said...

"I am on!!"
...and in my feedreader too!

Dan Hinojosa said...

Very impressive, Most impressive. Hey, where have I heard that saying before?

You have a great life ahead of ya, keep up the good work.

dragan said...

Congratulations ;)

Collin said...

tori...i have been trying and using 5.5 when the preview was release...i have also tried 6.0...I also have been working on a flash demo about the new UML support in NetBeans 5.5 but decided i nee a new microphone so i have to go out and get one. Thank you for your support and i will without a doubt download NetBeans 5.5 beta when it comes and will give feedback both on and my blog.

Collin said...

Thanks alexis mp ;) I am happy to hear from you!!

Collin said...

Thanks Dan Hinojosa. As for the quote i believe it is from Star Wars. Thanks for all the comments.

Claudiu Bulcu said...

Hi, Collin

Nice feature that interview :-)
I'm glad that even the young ones come to NB camp.

Pay attention to the links section on your blog. You wrote Roumen's (not Roumon) first name wrong.


Collin said...

Claudiu Bulcu thanks for your comments and for your little bit of info about my miss-spelling of Roumen's was just a little error and i will sure to fix it ASAP.

Claudiu Bulcu said...

Well, Collin I've just discovered this about Roman:
There's an explanation about his name. ;-)


Collin said...

Thanks for the link...i have already read this little timbit of information but i think Roumen updated. Anyway Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Collin,

Very impresive interview.

It's a cool industry to work in and you look like you got a real bright future ahead of you mate.

Keep up the good work.
All the best

Collin said...

Thanks :)

laurent said...

Hi Coolin,
Just saw your interview and I find it very entertaining.. Keep up your interest in programming!

Be sure to check out JAVA3D API .. there's cool stuff to do with it...

Good Luck

Programmer, CGI consulting group

Collin said...

Thanks for the comment laurent, i have only breifly looked at the Java3D API but am sure to look more into it...there are many cool things you can do with it (like Jake [Quake engine ported to a Java2D]). I will be sure to find new things and alway be interested in programming....there is so much to know i could never get bored.

Billydakid said...

Hi Colin, I have to say I'm quite envious of your early start in the game! Well done and keep it up.

Unlike you I started quite late switching from Molecular Biology to Internet Computing, but only enjoyed the software development aspect of the course.

Then I decided to get Sun Certified taking the Java Programmer exam, and now about to take the Sun Certified Web Component Developer exam.

NetBeans has too become my fav IDE over the years and use it on WinXP and Suse 10.

Nice interview on BTW ;-)

I am based in London UK, drop me a line some time and let me know how you're getting on?

Chat more soon young Javite.

Collin said...

Thanks for the comment Billydakid, i will be sure to let you know how i am doing.

Anonymous said...

Hi colin you have a pretty sweet websight i didn't know if I would actually find any information on you.