Friday, May 19, 2006

Upcoming NetBeans Releases

I have lately been trying out the Q-builds of NetBeans 6.0. It is just awesome and has so much stuff added. I am interested in seeing how Matisse matures as well as the new features in the enterprise pack and creator pack. I also really like the NetBeans module development support. One thing i would like to see is "visual branding" so people who are making rich client applications can simply just select which menus/menu-items they will be using. Another thing i would like to see for NetBeans 6.0 is scripting support. It maybe could be downloaded as another could maybe be called the "dynamic language pack". Anyway there has been lot's and lot's 0f interesting java news this week because of JavaOne so check for current updates...Aw...i so wish i could have gone to year for sure...anyway have a nice weekend.


laurent said...

Hey Collin,
Its nice to see thoses changes in NetBeans for sure!

And yes, I share the same opinion.. some amphasis suld be put to the RCP developpement capabilities of NetBeans as well for scripting support,, I'm looking forward the public release of JAVA 6.0 which will include (i Think) SwingX and other wonderfull enhancement to desktop dev.

Well got some shitty paperwork to finish (and start too :P ) so that's it for now

take care


Collin said...

Thanks for the comment laurent...i have been loaded with homework lately so i know how your feeling. Anyway, you have a good day.

Rajmahendra said...


Scription !!! Great news.

Thanks for the url

i never heared of this site.


Collin said...

No problem Rajmahendra... i use it all the is very nice for seeing up to date NetBeans news.

Anonymous said...

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