Thursday, May 11, 2006

NetBeans 5.5 Beta Released

Instead of repeating what was already said in quit a few places I will just link and give my opinion of NetBeans 5.5 Beta. I think it is absolutely awesome....It is almost time for eclipse to give up...(see Eclipse Killer ). There could be some improvements to the editor and maybe some in areas where I am not very educated (J2EE and J2ME [Although from what I have done of J2ME in NetBeans it was very easy to pick up]). I really like the new Welcome screen and I especially like the UML support. I also like the C/C++ support. You can download NetBeans 5.5 from here. You can read more about it at or at the following:

Alessio Pace's blog
Paul Walk's blog
Geertjans Blog (Part #1)
Geertjans Blog (Part #2)


laurent said...

hey collin... I keep visiting your place everyday! And I discover things all the time...especially the groovy scripting post.. looks great :)

Well in another order of ideas, I was just about to tell you that netBeans 5.5 beta has just been released... I should have known that as a famous NetBeans contributor.. you're ahead of every news conscerning this wonderfull IDE :)

Well I sure would like to have a JavaChat with you if you wish :)

I can be reached via MSN at laurent_morissette[AT]msn[dot]com

Oh and I saw in your interview that you went to toronto netbeans show off ( A part of net netBeans world tour) but I found no info about it on the site... did I miss something or what?
Do you know if there's a chance that the tour stops by Montreal?

Hope to hear from you soon

Programmer, CGI consulting group

Collin said...

I will be sure to add you would be cool to have a java chat. I recently passed throught Montreal on my way to St.Anne...Quebec is a nice place ;) Unforchunently the only stop for the NetBeans World Tour is in Toronto (see:

Thanks for the visits and hope you enjoy my blog.

Anonymous said...

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