Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Future

I do not always think in java, most of the time i do but sometimes i like to think about the furure and where technology will be. There are still many things that are undiscovered and i would love to see some of these difficulties overcome. It is very possible i live to see Quantum computers but some other things i think would be cool would be Time Travel, object travel, computers that can communicate with the human brain and recieve comunication back (via electrical pulses) and maybe being able to have a network or people by a chip that can communicate with the human brain and sattelites. These are very far fetched and may never be able to happen but there is always the possiblity. Give it some thaught, sure it's crazy but some day it might not be.

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Pete said...

You should get yourself subscribed to the newsletter. It is filled with recent updates on all the areas you mention here (and more) and, according to some, it's not that far off before we start uploading ourselves into hardware (although things like this have been said before. Apparantly by now we should all be living a stress free life being served pina-coladas by the pool by our robotic servants - still waiting for that one :) )