Monday, January 16, 2006

NetBeans 5.0 RC!!

Sorry i haven't writen very many atricles this week and last week...I have been swamped with work. This will be a short article but soon i will have some new article (i am preparing a podcast [it should be done by next week]).

I have been using NetBeans 5.0 as you probably know. I have enjoyed the amazing improvement in stability. My new pass time is coding NetBeans Moduals. I have been reading the tutorials and have made a search bar like the "quick search" in Mozilla FireFox. I am now working on a "Time Management" Modual. So you will soon be seing a download link on my blog.


Roumen said...

Collin, if you will have any issues with writing your first plug-in, join the mailing list to discuss them.

Collin said...

Thank you Roumen, i do occasionaly have some questions.