Wednesday, January 11, 2006

More to NetBeans

I am a big NetBeans fan and am very excited for the release of NetBeans 5.0 RC and the final release of NetBeans 5. In one of my previous blogs (Things I like about NetBeans 5.0) i talked about some things i would like to see in the next release of NetBeans. I will list them again anf then i would like to see what other developers would like to see in the next release.
I would like to see UML support with code completion like Java Studio Enterprice 8 but better. One big one is to see the three java IDE's by sun be brought into one; so Java Studio Creator, Java Studio Enterprice 8 and NetBeans. This would make sence because they are all free and Java Studio Creator and Java Studio Enterprice 8 are both built using NetBeans. I also would love to see NetBeans add support for C++, C and languages of the alike with the same amazing features that it has for java. As well as expand on the current phenimenal features already included in NetBeans. As i said in my previous blog i would like to see NetBeans become one "Super IDE"; all the right tools in one place...NetBeans.


Roumen said...

Stay tuned... we plan to add support for more languages in future releases of NetBeans. It just can't be done all at once :) Right now you can use other Sun's products which are built on top of NetBeans and are provided for free.

Daniel MD said...

I share some of the same feelings collin, in special UML tools need to improve allot.

Still making them all into one Giant IDE is not one of them, it is best to have modules available, and download on demand, this way you get a custom IDE that best suits your needs.

Lucky for us the Update Center works like a charm, and the community can contribute modules to it.

Collin said...

Yes, i agree Daniel; having a large package moduals available for one IDE would be nice. So developers could download them as needed. This would make for a faster loading of the IDE. Thank you for your input.