Monday, January 02, 2006

Why Microsoft Sucks Part 1

I have been looking into Microsoft in comparison to other alternatives in the indistry of software and other computer products. I have found that microsoft truely "Sucks". O.K lets start off with the good things microsoft has done... There are not many but one that definitly stands out on my list is the XBox and the new XBox 360. I was very pleased with these products; they have phenomenal power and breath taking graphics. Aside from the XBox and XBox 360 i do not see anything productive from microsoft, that is why desktop versions of linux have been do everything microsoft sucks at (which is everything from security to speed). Here is a list of the major down falls i see in Microsoft:

1. Security
2. Malfunctionality
3. Very slow
4. Hides usefull processes from developers (AKA masked processes)

There are a few of the big ones. If there are any Mac/*nux users they will have noticed "hey this is cool i don't get virsures all the time" unlike when they work on the windows platform. This is because linux and other unix based system are not as suseptable as windows systems. I am hinting on the issue of security in the windows operating system. As developers/users might have experianced Windows has plenty of malfunctional software and a crappy design. Bill Gates philosophy on the design of Windows was: write crappy unorganized code, than write more crappy organized code to tie it together to get the product to the market faster. That is all have to rant and rave about Microsoft today...
To Be Continued...


Anonymous said...

I hate windows, getting Ubuntu soon, should like it.
Calvin Tennant

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't same microsoft sucks entirely - afterall, it was them that helped the birth of OS and the Linux community, thanks to their over-priced, unreliable and truely bug filled software... ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm no MS fan but MS does not "suck" ... they are after money at the end of the day but they have revolutionized everything. There is a reason why people do not use free linux and use the expensive MS products. They do have bugs but maybe that is only because their products get alot more attention and focus. If microsoft today said they would sell their software for free and made it open source their bugs would just vanish in a matter of months... bugs is the price they pay for hiding their code... but hey they have to make money. So all in all, with the aims that they have, like make tons of profit and be the best in the market they are not doing so badly.