Thursday, January 12, 2006

NetBeans 5.0 RC is here!!

After what seems to have been a very long time, NetBeans 5.0 RC has been released!! The wait was well worth it. Many improvements have been made to NetBeans 5.0 RC. To see more about the bug fixes and other features go to the following. I will be playing with NetBeans 5.0 RC, NetBeans Mobility 5.0 RC and the 5.0 RC Profiler after i finish some work. Best luck in your NetBeans 5.0 RC development ;)

P.S: Great Work NetBeans Team/community (i am also a part of the community [] but i do not contribute many other things other than bug reports [although that will change])

Note: I have almost got my server/solution issues fixed so i will be able to get media and other thing alike on my blog.


roumen said...

Hi Collin... it's cool that you want to start to contribute to NetBeans! Let me know at roman (dot) strobl (at) sun (dot) com about your contributions and you might get a nice NetBeans T-shirt from us! :)

Collin said...

Thank you for your continued support Roumen. I would love to get another NetBeans T shirt for my collection. I have the NetBeans Limited Edition World tour T shirt signed by James Gosling from this years NetBeans World tour in Toronto.